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The Secret to Great Content Marketing is Buyer Persona

Dave Orecchio
by Dave Orecchio on Jul 8, 2014 3:10:00 AM

Content (Marketing) is King! Content is everywhere these days. With instantaneous access to virtually limitless online sources, we have the ability to find information on a vast number of subjects whenever and wherever we need it. We are also bombarded on a daily basis with information delivered directly to us through email and social media. As a result, information overload has become a common complaint.

Increasingly, businesses are turning to content marketing to draw attention to their online content and distinguish themselves from their competitors. To differentiate your business, you must offer remarkable content to attract interest of the right audience, that of your ideal buyer. Businesses often reach out to agencies that provide content marketing services to help them execute their content plan, or help them to create a content strategy that will help them attract prospects and generate opportunities.  

The secret to successful content marketing is to maintain a consistent and unrelenting focus on your businessBuyer Persona throughout your content development and delivery activities.

The two most important goals of a buyer-based content marketing strategy are:

Goal #1: Offer content that provides significant value to your targeted buyers.

Goal #2: Offer content where your targeted buyers will find it when they need it.

To lay a solid foundation for content marketing that attracts and influences the right buyers, keep these four key considerations in mind:

Buyer Persona Worksheet

#1) Let Buyer Persona guide your content development efforts.

  • To create content that will be meaningful to the right audience, you must understand who that audience is, what motivates them, and how they behave as buyers.
  • A well-developed Buyer Persona thoroughly defines your target buyers, giving you the insight necessary to create content that is highly relevant to those buyers.
  • Aim content directly at the specific interests of your Buyer Persona. Although this reduces the number of viewers, it increases the likelihood that buyers will find your content useful. Content designed to appeal to a wide audience provides real value to very few!

#2) Carefully consider the buyer’s position in the Buyer’s Journey.

Inbound Marketing Buyer's Journey

  • Buyers seek different information as they move through the purchase decision process, so different types of content are needed to address their needs at each stage.
  • During the early stages, buyers search for problem causes and solutions. Your website pages and blog posts must offer concise content that buyers can easily find and understand. Why? Your content is what draws buyers to your website like moths to a bright light; it must also convince them that your business understands their problems and offers viable solutions.
  • As buyers progress further along in the Buyer’s Journey, they want more detailed information. Content for this stage includes whitepapers, case studies, videos, ebooks, webinars, podcasts, etc. that provide in-depth explanations of your products and services, successful outcomes, customer experiences, and even competitive intelligence that helps buyers make valid vendor comparisons. Offer valuable content that educates buyers and differentiates your business as a trusted and credible resource.

#3) Position your content where your target audience can find it.

  • Content should be distributed through multiple digital delivery platforms including your website, blog, email, social media, mobile apps, syndicated websites, and paid media placements as needed.
  • Your Buyer Persona provides insight on where your target buyers look for information; make sure your business maintains a presence in those places.
  • Optimize your content for SEO. Our next blog post will address SEO in more detail.

content marketing buyer persona

#4) Combine your understanding of Buyer Persona with your knowledge of the Buyer’s Journey to build your content marketing strategy around your buyers. Both are essential for delivering the right content at the right time to the right buyers.

  • Buyer Persona guides you in creating content that interests your targeted buyers.
  • Buyer Persona reveals where your targeted buyers look for information.
  • Buyer’s Journey tells you when to deliver content for maximum impact, when buyers consider it most relevant.

Think of content marketing as a conversation with prospective buyers!

Imagine the conversations you would have with your prospects if you were sitting across the table from them. Target your content to the same leads that you would target in person. Develop your content to address the same topics you would discuss in face-to-face meetings. If you take this approach to content creation, your content will succeed in attracting leads and nurturing them through the Buyer’s Journey to customer conversion.

To discover more steps your business can take now to attract leads, build trust, and win new customers, download our whitepaper “Stand Out From The Crowd: 24 Marketing Tips to Set Your Company Apart.

24 inbound marketing tips to set your company apart

Bristol Strategy is a full funnel inbound marketing agency and inbound sales agency offering the full complement of services to enable our clients to surpass their business objectives by transforming the way they engage with their buyer on-line.  Reach out to us to learn more about how our experience and capabilities can help your business grow. 

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Dave Orecchio
Written by Dave Orecchio
Dave Orecchio is one of the earliest adopters of Inbound Marketing. As one of Hubspot’s first customers and CEO of a Boston-based startup, he experienced the benefits of this effective digital marketing methodology. Dave now provides Inbound (marketing & Sales) services to businesses to help them grow and realize the positive results that an integrated program can provide. Dave is a high-tech marketing and sales expert with more than 25 years of business experience.
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