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    Why Go Hubspot? Can You Say - Competitive Advantage?

    Are you looking to develop or grow your business? If so, then HubSpot is the tool you need to help you achieve your business goals. HubSpot is a suite of powerful tools designed to help businesses streamline customer relationship management, marketing, and sales processes.

    This comprehensive platform offers features that can help businesses of any size increase efficiency, attract new customers, optimize customer relationships, and generate more revenue. In this article, we'll discuss why HubSpot is the ideal platform for businesses looking to grow and thrive.

    To make this guide more accessible, we have included an index that allows you to quickly find the sections that are most relevant to you:

    1. Valuable and Powerful Capabilities 
    2. What are the Benefits of Using HubSpot for Your Business?
    3. Customer Knowledge Base
    4. Pricing
    5. Why Go Hubspot? Final Thoughts

    We'll start by looking at the benefits that HubSpot has to offer. HubSpot provides a cloud-based platform with features to help businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, HubSpot can help you meet your goals. With its easy-to-use interface and powerful features, HubSpot can help you create a customized website, create targeted campaigns, track customer behavior, and manage customer relationships.

    In addition, HubSpot offers a suite of tools designed to help businesses drive more traffic to their website, increase brand awareness, and generate more leads. Its suite of marketing automation tools helps businesses create automated campaigns, track customer journeys, and personalize customer experiences. Additionally, HubSpot's analytics tools allow businesses to measure results, evaluate campaigns, and make data-driven decisions.

    Finally, HubSpot offers a comprehensive customer support system that can help businesses stay on top of customer service requests. The system offers a centralized platform for customer service agents to track, manage, and respond to customer inquiries in real time. This ensures businesses can quickly and easily respond to customer needs.

    In summary, HubSpot is the ideal platform for businesses looking to grow and succeed. With its comprehensive suite of features, HubSpot can help businesses of any size increase efficiency, optimize customer relationships, and generate more revenue. With its marketing automation tools, analytics tools, and customer support system, HubSpot is the perfect platform for businesses looking to take their business to the next level.

    This graphic shows the Hubspot CRM Suite of products.


    In summary, HubSpot is the ideal platform for businesses looking to grow and succeed. With its comprehensive suite of features, HubSpot can help businesses of any size increase efficiency, optimize customer relationships, and generate more revenue. With its marketing automation tools, analytics tools, and customer support system, HubSpot is the perfect platform for businesses looking to take their business to the next level.

    HubSpot: Valuable and Powerful Capabilities

    It's nearly impossible to find another all-in-one platform that provides as many benefits as HubSpot. Its most valuable feature is its ability to provide marketing and sales teams with a sense of freedom and accountability. The HubSpot platform could be the perfect solution for automating marketing workflows, managing sales pipelines, organizing and maximizing sales email campaigns, and motivating your marketing and sales teams.

    With HubSpot, your entire sales, service, and marketing team has access to real-time data. You will have access to the following:
    • A robust customer relationship management solution
    • Email marketing tools, social scheduling tools
    • SEO tools, digital advertising tools
    • Landing page creation tools, blogging tools
    • Marketing automation tools
    • Chat tools
    • Analytics for all of the above—everything your team needs to monitor and nurture your leads through their buyer journey to turn them into paying customers.
    • A robust onboarding program

    If your customer experience is suffering, you’re ready to scale your business, or you need a competitive advantage, everything you need for inbound marketing, sales, and customer relationship management and servicing your customers is right there at your fingertips in the HubSpot CRM Suite.

    What are the Benefits of Using HubSpot for Your Business?

    Using HubSpot for your business offers a wide range of benefits. First and foremost, HubSpot's suite of tools and features makes it easy to manage customer relationships, track customer data, create targeted campaigns, and drive more traffic to your website. Additionally, HubSpot's analytics tools allow businesses to measure results and make data-driven decisions. Finally, HubSpot offers a comprehensive customer support system to help businesses quickly and easily respond to customer needs. All of these benefits make HubSpot an ideal platform for businesses looking to grow and thrive.

    Let's take a look into the many benefits of using HubSpot for your business:

    1. Easy-to-Use Platform

    Hubspot has taken a different approach to developing its solution. and they have the advantage of developing the software recently, so they created the user environment to match the way their customers wanted to work. The software does not get in the way of your job but enhances the productivity of users in a way that motivates them to use it each and every day. Users love to have custom dashboards that report to them the analytics and metrics that matter most to them. Look at online reviews, and you will see that HubSpot is rated one of the easiest-to-use platforms available.

    2. SEO Optimization Built-in

    Optimize your website content to make it more visible to search engines. You can track keywords, improve your site's ranking, and publish SEO-friendly and optimized content all in one place. HubSpot helps users organize their content into content clusters which provide users easier access to the content they were looking for and the organization and internal linking strategies that search engines require to rank the content. 

    As you are loading the content, users receive real-time optimization feedback to improve search performance which helps all users become virtual SEO experts.


    Above Image: Example of an SEO topic cluster in HubSpot

    3. Social Media Integrations

    HubSpot's social media tools are designed to help businesses create and execute effective social media campaigns. With HubSpot's social media tools, businesses can easily create and publish content on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Additionally, HubSpot's social media tools enable businesses to track the performance of their campaigns and measure the effectiveness of their content.


    Above Image: Example of HubSpot's built-in social media creation tool.

    To help businesses create successful social media campaigns, HubSpot's platform offers a wide range of features. For example, businesses can use HubSpot's social media publishing tools to create and schedule posts, measure the reach of their posts, and track engagement and interactions. Furthermore, businesses can use HubSpot's social media analytics tools to monitor their competitors' activities, track trends, and measure their campaigns' performance.


    Above Image: Example of HubSpot's built-in social media performance and analytics reports.

    4. Ready-to-use Marketing Funnel

    Distribute the content based on the contacts' stage of the funnel, their score, and their personalization, and then analyze the inbound strategy's impact on sales and overall marketing efforts. The built-in content management capabilities enable marketing teams to know which content resonates with their buyer persona and which ones need refinement. These elements of the marketing platform enable users to gain key insight into the customer experience.

    hubspot-marketing-hub-funnelAbove Image: HubSpot's marketing automation software offers everything you need to attract the attention of your target audience, convert that attention into customers, and analyze and report on your efforts.

    5. HubSpot CMS is an Enterprise-Class Website Solution

    HubSpot's CMS Hub is a powerful and comprehensive content management software that helps businesses streamline their content creation, management, and optimization processes. It provides businesses with an intuitive and easy-to-use editorial workflow, content scheduling, and analytics tools. Additionally, CMS Hub also helps businesses save time and resources by creating content templates that can be reused on multiple web pages. With its advanced features, HubSpot's CMS Hub gives businesses the ability to create, manage, and optimize their website content efficiently and effectively.


    Above Image: Example of smart content based on a specific set of criteria.

    6. Workflow Automation

    You'll never miss out on pushing leads down the sales funnel with email automation and lead tracking systems. With Hubspot's professional mailing tool, you can track your email opening and click rates.

    Hubspot CRM will provide direct access to sales call recordings, and customer service, technical support tickets, and chat will be fully automated, making lead scoring automatic and customer acquisition look as easy as ever! HubSpot Marketing Hub brings together all of the marketing functions a user would need for their digital marketing campaigns. It is an all-in-one marketing solution.


    Above Image: Example of a post-webinar nurturing workflow created in HubSpot.

    7. Integrations and Compatibility

    In the HubSpot app marketplace, thousands of integrations can be found to automate marketing, manage workflows, manage sales pipelines, nurture leads, and display targeted ads. Easily integrate with WordPress or your choice CMS or eCommerce software and start content marketing like millions of people across the world never knew was possible.

    Popular integrations include:
    • Zoom
    • Microsft Teams
    • WordPress
    • Asana
    • Trello
    • JotForm
    • eWebinar
    • Zapier
    • Contacts Outlook
    • Google Workspace


    Above Image: Example of HubSpot integrating into Gmail with easy access to add or view the contact within HubSpot CRM.

    8. Analyze Analytics and Manage Campaigns in One Place

    It is more important than ever to demonstrate cause and effect through data-driven marketing.  For dashboard reporting required for inbound campaigns, HubSpot provides basic analytics throughout all of its tools. 


    Above Image: Example of a Marketing Analytics Dashboard showing new marketing qualified leads and sessions by source.

    9. Seamless and Intuitive Lead Reporting

    Data about your contacts are readily available in HubSpot. The custom reporting options are dead-on. And combining all of your contacts - online and offline - allows you to determine the value of each website visitor, create custom objects, and enjoy all of the possibilities of managing your data with attribution reporting that will help you reveal data to make informed decisions on, which is more than just useful in B2B (and life sciences) markets—it’s how you win!


    Above Image: Example of a report created in HubSpot showing top leads generated within a certain date.

    10. Centralized Media Management

    Manage all your media, images, and videos, and store them in one place with Hubspot's centralized media management. Once you import your marketing images, you won't have to worry about re-importing or re-downloading them everywhere.

    11. Lead Nurturing and Management:

    Customer interactions in your email campaigns often get lost in your email folders when you don't have a CRM. A different approach is advocated by HubSpot CRM, which automatically records every interaction with your customers, which is a game-changer to lead generation, to say the least. Whether it's a phone call, an email, a meeting, or customer feedback, every interaction and every interaction you have on social media will also be recorded by CRM.

    With HubSpot CRM, you can sync your Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook accounts. The next seller will be able to see what was discussed if the first seller talks to a customer, giving you a granular level of control over every aspect of the inbound methodology.


    Above Image: Example of Hubspot's lead scoring tool.

    12. Centralized Lead Information

    HubSpot CRM stores every lead you receive in one place. Combined with automatic interaction recording, this module allows you to see a lead and all communications related to that lead. The ability to remember names and job titles, for example, is very useful. Keep track of emails, meetings, and phone calls.


    Above Image: Example of a lead's activity in HubSpot. 

    13. Contact Management

    Creating contact cards and storing customer or business information is easy with HubSpot CRM. Upload a file from your computer or add them one by one. In addition to CSV, XLS, or XSLX files, the program also supports information about transactions, tickets, and products. Categorize your contacts by adding additional views, such as ‘Recently assigned contacts that need email follow-up,’ ‘Need a text action,’ or ‘Not contacted.’


    Above Image: Example of a contact card in HubSpot that displays contact information, the contact's activity, sales & marketing notes, emails to and from the contact, calls logged to the contact, and tasks assigned for the sales rep.

    14. Conversations

    In one multi-channel inbox, you can manage all your communications and respond directly to customers. Your account can be connected to the following channels:

    • Email: Categorize and reply to emails

    • LiveChat: Communicate in real-time with your site visitors or set up chatbots to assist them.

    • Forms: Respond to visitor submissions.

    • Facebook Messenger: Talk to your customers, create chatbots, or handle Messenger threads.

    • What’s App Messenger: communicate with prospects in customers over What’s App in real-time.


    Above Image: Example of using the HubSpot Gmail plugin--how users can view a contact's activity directly from their Gmail.

    15. Sales Funnel Dashboard

    With HubSpot CRM, you can see all the deals you've won or lost in a beautiful dashboard that also displays the deals you've submitted. Your salespeople can be tracked and ranked according to their performance on the interface. The transactions can be sorted by the customer's name, amount, owner, and stage of the funnel.


    Above Image: Example of a deal forecast used within a Sales Dashboard.

    16. CRM Software

    HubSpot provides a set of tools for customer relationship management, with options to upgrade to receive more robust features. As part of Hubspot Sales Hub, this CRM platform system allows you to track and evaluate contacts, companies, target accounts, and your engagement with all of them as you manage your sales pipeline


    Above Image: Example of email tracking in HubSpot.

    17. Meeting Planner

    HubSpot CRM provides a free meeting scheduler with automatic sync to your Google or Office 365 calendars as well as time zone adjustment. Marketing teams and service teams without development resources will appreciate one login, security, fast servers, and their prospects right there in front of them.


    Above Image: Example of HubSpot's free meeting scheduler. 

    18. Transaction Tracking

    HubSpot CRM streamlines your sales pipeline, which is one of its biggest benefits. The system allows you to program multiple levels of your company's sales process, whether your company has two stages or twenty.

    Small business owners who prefer the latter will find it easy! Small business owners who prefer the latter will find it easy! The information includes the owner's name, the amount, the closing date, and the closing date.

    Your sales pipeline can also indicate the deal's stage and is entirely customizable to the deal stages your company uses; for example:

    • Scheduled Appointment
    • Qualified Lead
    • Scheduled Follow Up
    • Follow Up/Interested
    • Proposal Sent
    • Sold/Closed


    Above Image: Displayed above is a sample of HubSpot's CRM pipeline, providing a comprehensive
    view of all your ongoing deals in one convenient interface.

    19. Task Management

    Business CRM tools from HubSpot also include task delegation in addition to contact management and business management. In the Sales Hub, you can assign and prioritize tasks, queue them, and set related records and parameters. Adding notes and setting a reminder for the task is also possible.

    The sidebar has an analysis board that allows you to see how each task is progressing or your team's overall productivity. The weekly activity report and the daily schedule are displayed in this section.


    Above Image: Example of HubSpot’s task management software. Flow from one task to the next with all the information you need right in your task queue. Add new tasks from HubSpot workflows, your email inbox, or your to-do list. Call and email prospects, or connect over social, all without leaving HubSpot.

    20. Shareable Documents

    A content library can be created on the same Hub for easy sharing and tracking. The files can be uploaded as Word documents, Powerpoint presentations, or PDF files.

    This element of content management gives sales reps and marketer insight into how a contact is engaging with specific content resources with full analytics regarding which contacts viewed content and how much time they spent viewing each page of the documents they viewed. These insights help know the level of engagement by their prospects.


    Above Image: Displayed above is an illustration showcasing the capability of HubSpot's sales documents, enabling users to track prospect engagement with their content and stay informed about the latest viewing activity.

    21. Quotes and Payments

    Creating and sending quotes to potential buyers is quick and easy. You only have to enter the required information into the program's ready-made template. The following are examples, but not limited to:

    • Transaction Information
    • Buyer and seller details
    • Duration of quotes
    • Implementing Articles
    • Signature and payment

    Integrating payment channels is also an option for collecting payments. Your website, email, or even a chat session are all options for your customers to buy and pay. Paid versions, however, have access to this feature.


    Above Image: Displayed above is an example of HubSpot's quote tool that will automatically pull in all information tied to the deal record, including contact and product information, so that you can send over sales quotes in an instant.

    22. Ticket Management

    Would you like to improve the technical support you offer? Customer satisfaction can be improved with HubSpot Service Hub. Your customer issues can be tracked on a single dashboard with ticket management. Individual tickets can be created and assigned to a customer service representative. The names, statuses, descriptions, sources, and priorities of a field can all be edited.

    Tickets board view

    Above Image: The image above illustrates how service tickets are presented in a unified view within the Service Hub.

    Customer Knowledge Base

    HubSpot's Service Hub Knowledge Base is a powerful knowledge management tool that helps businesses provide a Knowledge Base to create and store customer support documents, such as FAQs and product user guides. By using the Knowledge Base, businesses can ensure that their customer service teams have quick access to the information needed to answer customer inquiries quickly and effectively. In addition, your customers will have direct access to the knowledge base to gain self-service answers to their support needs.


    Customizable Survey Templates

    In addition to the survey tool, HubSpot CRM offers a paid version as well. With it, you'll be able to send your company online questionnaires to gather information. There are several types of survey questions available in customizable survey templates. It includes questions with multiple choices, rating scales, rankings, and drop-down menus.


    Above Image: A sample email showcasing a customer loyalty survey that is user-friendly.

    Customer loyalty - Analyse (1)-1

    Above Image: Example of HubSpot's Service Hub customer loyalty analytics.

    Hubspot Academy

    Hubspot Academy is a free online resource that offers free digital marketing training, such as software courses, projects, certifications, and courses.  Discover the tools available from Hubspot.com - marketing software, such as web design, marketing emails, and inbound sales strategies, plus training for social networks and organic marketing strategy (SEO) to master Google search rankings.

    Support is Excellent

    HubSpot provides businesses with a comprehensive online support service that helps businesses troubleshoot any issues they may have with their HubSpot platform. With its 24/7 online support, businesses can quickly and easily get answers to their questions without having to wait on the phone or search through long help articles. HubSpot's online support features a variety of helpful resources, such as video tutorials, live chat, and email support.

    Additionally, businesses can also access HubSpot's online community of experts who can provide advice and guidance on any issue that businesses may be facing. Overall, HubSpot's online support provides businesses with the help they need to troubleshoot any issues and get the most out of their HubSpot platform. 

    Aside from the endless plethora of perfectly exact HubSpot tools in HubSpot’s quiver, you can learn about inbound best practices and do business with Hubspot's friendly community. It will also build friendly relationships with your clients, which is something all B2B companies strive for.


    mobile-appHubspot Mobile App

    HubSpot's mobile app provides businesses with a powerful and convenient way to access and manage their HubSpot platform.

    With its mobile app, businesses can monitor their campaigns, track customer data, manage customer interactions, and access their analytics tools on the go. It enables sales representatives to easily aces and reply to customer inquiries and make business calls from anywhere at any time. It brings the power of HubSpot to the user in a mobile app.

    Pricing - HubSpot

    Using HubSpot, business owners can pay for the tools they need. For different needs, there are a variety of products available, such as:

    Check out this link to see the pricing of the individual products, create a custom configuration for your business, or review the deals for purchasing the suite of tools. 

    Why Go Hubspot? Final Thoughts

    There are some differences between Pipedrive and Salesforce, although its style is very similar. But the provided features cannot be customized, so they force you to make due. In contrast, HubSpot CRM is a good choice for small and large businesses that don't need a lot of customization, but when you need the extra features later on down the road, they are in a class all of their own.

    So why go HubSpot? That answer is simple. HubSpot gives you the reigns on the future and long-term success of your business.

    We personally would choose HubSpot over other marketing tools suites in their class because there are no other marketing tools in their class. It’s only HubSpot—hands-down, the BEST solution for businesses looking to organize, strategize their marketing campaigns, and scale their digital footprints. In fact, it’s HubSpot’s paid plan is the functionality that can put your future vision for your company —visually within your reach.

    If your business is researching HubSpot for your use, then consider connecting with Bristol Strategy and requesting a HubSpot Demonstration.  If you are interested in learning then read the articles on our blog

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