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    How Inbound Sales Can Improve Your Results

    The Internet has fundamentally changed how buyers engage with businesses. Today, buyers are overly confident in what they know and aren’t interested in catering to a sales representative’s qualifying script during phone calls.

    The prolific access to online educational content places the buyer in control of the sales process. Salespeople today seem to occupy an unenviable role as a gatekeeper between the product and consumer and traditional outbound sales methods have become much less efficient.

    As a result of this painful reality, the Inbound Sales approach emerged to address this reality that recommends adopting the following tenets for sales teams as they adapt to the "Age of the Buyer."


    Ramp up your business with Inbound Sales

    Transform your sales approach with Inbound Sales so you can exceed your sales goals, address your sales productivity issues and overcome the challenges created by universal access to information that enables the modern buyer to control the sales process.

    Inbound Sales Differs from Outbound Sales in Three Ways

    Sales Enablement Advisory


    Inbound sales is about building trust with your buyer. Salespeople should help people make buying decisions, more than just making a sale. To combat prevailing buyer prejudices and to add knowledge and value to the conversation, sales representatives need to transform themselves into advisory, service-oriented consultants.

    Sales now need to ask themselves: 

    1. Can I help the prospect?
    2. Do they need my help?
    3. And most importantly, do they want my help?
    Personalized Inbound Sales


    Tailor your sales content to the wants and needs of your buyer. As you learn more about your leads over time, you can better personalize your messages to their specific needs. Sales representatives today can (and should) leverage a whole host of technologies to understand what buyers are saying online and which buyers are visiting your website, opening your emails, and even viewing your pricing page. Over time, organized sales teams will be identifying the behaviors of best fit customers, leading to better qualified leads.

    Buyer-centric sales


    Base the entire sales process on the buyer, not the seller. When interacting with buyers, sales representatives need to actively inquire about and listen to the buyer’s challenges and goals for the purchase. As a consultative advisor and product expert, the sales representative can then share recommendations with the buyer to help them accomplish their goals or address their challenges. This may include the buyer using their solution, if it’s a good fit. Sometimes, it’s in the sales representative’s best interest to point buyers to a different product or service.

    Salespeople can beat low buyer expectations by adopting an inbound sales strategy and perhaps even delight the buyer in the process.



    A Guide to Inbound Sales - Transforming the Way You Sell to the Modern Buyer

    Inbound Sales Enablement Services

    The method to improve sales productivity in this digital world is to implement the Inbound Sales Methodology. To apply this new methodology efficiently requires the right content and tools that streamline the sales process for each buyer persona your business targets.

    Hubspot offers free Inbound Sales training to help organizations learn the methodology. The Hubspot sales tools enable the methodology to scale. Inbound Sales solves problems for the customer, and that means changing your outreach approach. Inbound Sales blends nicely with the Inbound Marketing process because many of the elements required to prepare for customer engagement originate from buyer persona research.

    Inbound Sales has three stages as sales teams Identify qualified prospects, Connect with those prospects and Advise the prospects about how to address their problem or implement a solution.

    The three stages of Inbound Sales are:
    Identify Inbound sales process

    Services at the Identify Stage of the Inbound Sales Process:

    • Connect your sales teams to prospect behavior on your website
    • Use triggers from anonymous website visitors to identify companies who fit your ideal buyer profile
    • Connecting social tools to identify opportunities in target companies
    • Identify passive buyers by social monitoring to and searches on LinkedIn
    connect inbound sales process

    Services at the Connect Stage of the Inbound Sales Process:

    • Help your sales teams develop communication sequences for each target persona
    • Create outreach content for sales teams for each outreach sequence
    Advise Inbound sales process

    Services at the Advise Stage of the Inbound Sales Process:

    • Work with your team to identify the detailed questions required to fully determine the level of commitment the buyer has for your product or service
    • Automate repeatable elements of the sales process with personalized sales document automation


    The inbound sales methodology is a complete change in thinking for most sales teams, requiring a lot of work for each prospect. However, the payoff is significant because the time you invest helps identify and develop highly-qualified prospects and the approach you take as an inbound sales representative provides a substantial advantage over the typical, traditional outbound sales rep.

    As a certified Hubspot agency, we have gained both expertise and experience with these inbound sales techniques, and they have helped our business excel. They can help yours succeed, too. 


    Research Report

    Buyers Speak Out – How Sales Needs to Evolve

    Sales Enablement Solutions

    There are several significant resources available to companies of any size to help them transform their sales approach to Inbound Sales. Of course, the first are the methodology and services listed above to help your sales teams implement the content needed to fuel your inbound sales process. The second is the Hubspot CRM which enables the automation of outreach sequences and provides your team with the analytical cues to know when your prospects are engaging with your content. The third is document automation to enable your sales teams to quickly create and distribute documents and agreements that streamline the sales process itself.
    Sales Enablement tools that power the Inbound Sales process
    Ask us about the full suite of Sales Enablement solutions to power your revitalized sales process.
    sales enablement solutions
    Valuable, informative content that is the fuel of the Inbound Sales process. Capture the information flow that your best sales representative would use to educate and nurture the client. Combine that with Inbound Marketing content created from your content strategy and use it to build communication sequences for the smart buyer. 
    CRM automation sales enablement
    Hubspot CRM to automate the engagement and measure the response of prospects. In a time where the buyer has all of the power in the purchasing cycle, sales teams need every shred of information they can get to understand the level of engagement. Even if the buyer does not respond to your email, modern tools enable very detailed tracking of consumer behavior.
    increase sales productivity
    Increase sales productivity by automating standard agreements and proposals with on-line digital delivery and signing solutions. Pandadoc document automation integrates with Hubspot CRM to enable content sharing (documents, contracts, proposals, videos) and keep the engagement personalized while providing you with analytics until the sale is complete.
    Ramp up your business with inbound sales

    Ramp up your business with Inbound Sales

    Transform your sales approach with Inbound Sales so you can exceed your sales goals, address your sales productivity issues and overcome the challenges created by universal access to information that enables the modern buyer to control the sales process.   

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