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    What is a Buyer Persona?

    A buyer persona is more than a one-dimensional profile of the people you need to influence or a map of their journey. Actionable buyer personas reveal insights about your prospects' decision process — the specific attitudes, concerns and criteria that drive them to choose you, your competitor or the status quo.

    When you have insights into what your buyers think about doing business with you, including verbatim quotes from people who have recently made the decision to solve a similar problem, you have the knowledge you need to make your marketing and sales more efficient. Buyer personas help you improve your positioning and messaging for your content marketing and sales enablement approach, so they align with your customer’s expectations.


    Get a Buyer Persona for Your Business

    Let us help you create buyer personas that ensure your content and campaigns power your marketing and sales goals

    How we develop buyer personas

    We perform interviews to gain insights into the buyer’s priorities, expectations for success, expected barriers and how they search for information until they are ready to buy.
    develop buyer personas

    The more you understand your buyer, the better prepared you are to provide valuable content for their research. Your business must understand who the personas are, what job functions they perform, where they spend their time online, their professional priorities and what decision criteria they use.

    We practice the methodology developed by the Buyer Persona Institute. 

    Our team develop buyer personas and define the buyer's journey through our Buyer Persona Development Process. We practice the Buyer Persona Institute’s 5 Rings of Buying Insight™ and has proved valuable in informing the Inbound Marketing content strategies. It allows us to become educated about your buyer, the essential elements of your business and end-market.


    How to Develop a Buyer Persona for Your Business

    It's important to establish buyer personas for your business so you can segment your audience and create stronger marketing campaigns. This eBook provides an example and a template that you can use to develop your buyer personas

    What to Expect with the Buyer Persona Development Process?

    We begin the Buyer Persona Development process by providing our persona expert with up to eight contacts. Several from within your company, customers, and those who have not purchased your product or service.
    We perform initial interviews with your employees.  We will survey leadership team members, marketing, sales, and other significant business stakeholders to understand your "as expected" business positioning and strategy.
    We then schedule interviews with customers, especially those who you have gained recently and have a fresh view of the market and competitive choices.  We also interview several contacts that recently chose not to purchase your product or service or those who are prospects to understand their "as perceived" competitive choices and decision process.
    With the results of these interviews, our buyer persona expert will consolidate this information into a buyer persona report for use in the content strategy and to enhance your ability to create content that resonates with your ideal customer types.

    Get a Buyer Persona for Your Business

    Let us help you create buyer personas that ensure your content and campaigns power your marketing and sales goals

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