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How high-quality video helps you achieve your marketing goals

Every business should include video as an integral part of their content strategy. However, there is a vast difference between well-thought-out and produced commercial video and the ubiquitous smartphone video clips that appear just about everywhere today. High-quality video production is a specialized skill requiring a large investment, creativity, and a process to get things right.

Commercial video, done right, is a valuable asset well-worth the investment. After all, the video is a direct reflection of your brand, and it should reinforce your positive brand perception in the marketplace and help you effectively and actively engage with prospects.

That’s why Bristol Strategy has teamed up with Real Cool Productions. As our video marketing partner, Real Cool works with us -- and you -- to develop and integrate compelling video into your content strategy and marketing plan.


Example Videos

Mixed Media Product Overview
Company Positioning Video
Animation Video Example
Training Video Example
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Using Video with Marketing Automation to Generate, Nurture, and Qualify New Leads

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Video Hosting and SEO

Hosting and embedding video onto your website page must be done with care to gain search engine optimization benefits and rank. We work with you to determine the right hosting platform, be it YouTube, Wistia or other social video channels.

Video SEO is a critical element of the marketing process. We ensure your video get the proper video markup structured data to ensure search engines understand the video and its content and properly rank it in search. Most video hosting platforms do not do this automatically, that is why a manual step is needed. 

For B2B businesses we recommend Wistia as a hosting platform because of its tight integration with Hubspot and the analytics that enable our clients to learn about the behavior of views of each video. These analytics and the integration with Hubspot enable a marketer to truly understand the value the viewers are receiving from each video. 

High quality video. We've got you covered.

Need a high quality video? We’ve got you covered!

If you have reviewed other elements of our website, then you know that we value the concept of starting with a strategy and plan before diving into implementation.  Video marketing is no different. Use this form to request a video marketing strategy that will plot your path to success with video and learn how we can help you implement video for your website, on-line video advertising and other on-line venues where your prospects engage on-line.

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