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Execute a well-crafted social media strategy

Sharing valuable information in social media channels used by your target buyers is an immediate and impactful way to gain visibility for your business. Social sharing engages your prospects, builds customer loyalty, and empowers them to become promoters of your brand.

We work with clients to include social media as an essential element of your digital marketing program. We support social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and others based on the preferences of your primary buyer persona. We help you establish a social calendar around industry events to proactively engage with event participants and create awareness for your brand.


Targeted Paid Media Through Social Channels

If your company is new to adopting social media marketing and you have a small following or none at all, the social media strategy outlined above will take some time to develop. Of course, some tactics can provide immediate awareness for your business, such as posting educational content to LinkedIn groups or targeted advertisements.

Targeted paid search strategies can provide your business with immediate visibility with audiences that have the job title or interests represented by your target buyer persona. Additionally, paid search, in the form of retargeting can significantly improve conversions for those who visit your website but have not converted into leads.
Paid Social Media Advertisements Drives Immediate Results

To drive more immediate results while keeping focused on your ideal buyer, we recommend using targeted paid advertisements in social media channels.

This program requires:

  • Creating a targeted landing page for your advertising campaign, developed around the advertisement
  • Setup of the advertising program on LinkedIn (for B2B businesses) and Facebook (for B2C businesses)
  • Execution and monitoring of the campaign
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Retargeting nurtures visitors into leads and builds positive brand perception

For clients with a reasonable amount of visitor traffic to their website, we also recommend a retargeting advertising campaign. The difference between this approach and a common paid advertisement approach is that these advertisements only appear to prospects who have visited your website but have not yet converted into a lead. Even though they may not be ready to engage with you, the benefit of this approach is that your advertisement appears whenever they browse the web, making your business seem to be everywhere and larger than life, and ready when they are.  

social media retargeting

Need a social Media or Paid Search Strategy and Plan? You’ll like our approach!

Social media marketing should be an integral part of any businesses marketing strategy. Social media has become woven into the lives of consumers and B2B business leaders. Need help to determine which social media channels are right for your business and how to implement it the right way? Request a discussion about how social media can help your business gain visibility and engage prospects and customers.

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