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    Create Your Premium Content

    Starting with a content strategy that enables a business to finely target buyers who have the need for your products and services. The strategy and plan define the content your ideal customer needs to research solutions to their problems and learn about your solutions.

    Each content element should target only one stage of the buyer's journey for information at a time. Expertly developed follow-up strategies using email, blogs, and social media enable businesses to nurture prospects to the next stage of their journey for information and solutions until they are ready to engage with your business.

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    Premium Content Creation Process


    With that strategy and plan, our content experts conduct interviews with your subject matter experts to create content outlines based on best-practices formats for each distinct content type and buyer's journey lifecycle stage.


    We leverage our stable of highly qualified writers with domain experience in your market to create the content. It is edited and reviewed with our client to ensure the content hits the target and aligns with the intended buyer’s journey stage.  

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    Our brand designer takes the content, images, and graphics and lays out the premium content offers (eBooks, checklists, white papers, research reports) using the website style and guidelines for a consistent brand representation. 


    Armed with the premium content, calls-to-action, and hero images, our inbound marketing experts create the landing and delivery pages for the content. These pages are optimized for delivery while nurturing the buyer to the next stage buyer’s journey.

    High Quality Blogging Service to Attract Your Ideal Prospect

    Blogging isn’t easy because it takes a long-term commitment for it to produce results. Investing in a high-quality blog program can create recurring value for your business through increased organic traffic of visitors who are searching for the problems your business addresses and the solutions you provide.  These visitors are the highest value because they are seeking these capabilities right now. 
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    Armed with the topics defined in the content strategy, we provide the writing services that create high-quality blog content.

    Working with our content writers and editors, we arm your business with rich content that engages your target buyer persona.

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    Our inbound marketing certified experts take the approved content and optimize it for search using best-practice techniques so that each article attracts the maximum number of visitors.  

    It is not enough just to attract the right visitors. Your business needs to convert them into leads.  Your content strategy has defined the premium content, white papers, eBooks, webinars and other assets to offer with each blog article.   We integrate them for conversions into leads.

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    Stay Active

    Organic traffic takes time to grow resulting from your active and consistant blogging program.  

    While search engines index your content and align your intent with visitor’s needs, we recommend an active social media program to promote your content into social media channels where your visitors actively engage.


    Learn the best-practice for Blogging

    Blogging can be fun and impactful for your business. The job is not complete when the text is written, in fact, that is when the process just begins. This article describes the best practices for blogging and ensuring your articles are seen by your target audience.  
    Premium content and blogging

    Ready to discuss premium content and blogging?

    Complete this form to learn about how to blog like an expert and gain help getting started on a program that will set your company apart from the rest. 

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