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    Selecting an effective digital marketing solution empowers your results

    Marketers never have enough time to execute their digital marketing campaigns. The online world we live in is constantly changing, increasing the need to be efficient at everything we do to accomplish more each day to make our businesses more successful online.

    Our experience has led us to one platform, Hubspot, that has the depth and breadth to accomplish every digital marketing task that is required to succeed with inbound marketing and inbound sales. The process of selecting the right marketing tools means considering how well they integrate with each other to achieve the goals of every campaign, as well as the type of analytics provided that enable you to understand the performance of each initiative and take action to improve every element.

    Most analytics tools provide the marketer with aggregated data that enables you to track the number of visitors and the paths they took across your marketing assets. This, in turn, enables you to determine which portions of your marketing funnel are working and which are not. 

    Hubspot provides this powerful analytics and is fine tuned to the needs of the inbound marketer.

    Hubspot provides the ability to diagnose the gaps in performance, you need more than aggregated data. You need analytics that pinpoints how each website visitor has behaved on your site and throughout their journey – which actions succeed and which ones fail because you can watch their behavior on your website and how they interact with your conversion assets.

    This analysis has to be provided for each visitor across all of the marketing tools – from paid advertising to web page, email to the website page, website page to landing page, to nurturing email, to social share and more. 

    Discuss Inbound Marketing Solutions for Your Business

    Learn about the value of inbound marketing tools that power your marketing and sales goals and help your business compete online. Speak to us today to learn the pros and cons of different tools and the value they bring to your marketing and sales.

    Inbound Marketing Tools Enable Your Marketing Process

    The focus of the Inbound Marketing process is solving problems for the customer. Providing them with the information they need so that when they’re ready to make a purchase or select a solution, they pick you.
    Tools to attract visitors
    • Blogging – Enables you to continually educate prospects by answering frequently asked questions to help drive sales
    • Social Media Publishing  – Implement all elements of your campaign simultaneously while you’re thinking about it, including scheduling social shares of your content and automatic blog post publishing
    • Social Media Monitoring  – Understand when your prospects or customers are discussing a need or a new project with their peers or when com petitors discuss a new product, service, or promotional effort
    • SEO – Search Engine Optimization is a vital step when publishing any digital content – have the right solution that guides you along the way
    • Keyword Analytics   –  Keyword Analytics that tell you how you rank and how you are performing compared to your competition
    • Advertising  – Automatically execute advertisements as part of a new campaign and reduce the steps needed to manage them effectively
    • Page Performance Analytics – Data that provides deep insight into each detail of page performance from keyword ranking, inbound links, cross links and overall visit and conversion metrics
    • Calendar of Marketing Activities   – There’s a non-stop stream of marketing actions required to produce results -- see where they all fit on a calendar of events
    • Tasks   – Assign tasks for your teammates to keep everything on track
    Tools that convert visitors into leads
    • Calls-to-Action – You cannot convert a visitor into a lead unless you offer them something of value in exchange for their contact information – CTAs help you do that
    • Landing Pages – Different from a typical website page, landing pages enable you to refine the conversion process by giving the visitor one path forward and provide enough information to motivate them to do so
    • Forms  – Smart ways to capture information from visitors, the capability to progressive profiling by asking only a small amount of information each time a visitor converts on an offer, and adding new questions for each new conversion increases the conversion rate while maximizing the information gained.
    • Campaigns– A framework that enable you to tie all of the pieces of your marketing programs to together and measure the overall results of the campaign on your business
    Tools that help you close the lead into a customer
    • Contacts Database  – This database provides all of the behavioral information of every individual contact, enabling marketers and sales teams to associate visitor behavior with interest and intent
    • Smart Segmenting Lists  – Automatically segment your visitors by interest, geography, behavior, engagement and more – it’s more than a database, it’s a smart lead management machine
    • Lead Scoring – Based on contact behavior, implement lead scoring algorithms that provide additional insight into who are the best prospects for sales
    • Smart Content – Personalization significantly increases conversion rates for any offer – the ability to personalize content for a visitor based on their analysis changes the game because they see a website that is custom tailored for their needs
    • Email Automation and Analytics – Execute campaigns and nurture leads down each stage of the buyer’s journey for information – keep your business top-of-mind until they are ready to buy


    • Marketing Automation – Manage every aspect of your marketing campaign through automated workflows, including setting contact properties based on behavior, sending emails, providing notifications to marketing and sales and more.
    •  Analytics – Gain insight into every aspect of your digital marketing engine, from Visitors by Source, Competitive website performance and trends, Contacts, Attribution – which content is converting the most, and more.
    •  Sales Automation – A built-in Customer Relationship Management tool that has been optimized to make sales teams more effective
    Integrations with every other element of your business
    • Featured integrations supported by Hubspot including Salesforce, pandadoc, GoToWebinar and many other popular tools
    • Custom integrations can be implemented if a tool that is required for your workflow is not on the list

    Discuss Inbound Marketing Solutions for Your Business

    Learn about the value of inbound marketing tools that power your marketing and sales goals and help your business compete online.  Speak to us today to learn the pros and cons of different tools and the value they bring to your marketing and sales.  

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