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    Inbound Marketing Consultants- How Our Inbound Marketing Services Can Help You Grow Your Business

    Let our team of experienced inbound marketing consultants advise you on marketing your business if you’re looking to create an unfair advantage! You may have heard people claiming that half of all new businesses fail during their first year. But by the data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor (BLS), this is not exactly correct. A report by BLS revealed that about 20% of businesses fail within their first two years of operation, 45% during their first five years, and 65% in their first ten years. Only 25% of businesses make it past their first 15 years. 

    There are many reasons why businesses fail. It could be because they failed to research their market thoroughly before investing, or it could be a lack of financing, picking the wrong location, or failing to plan. But one of the things that could quickly make a business fail is not knowing how to market its product online. That’s why inbound marketing consultants are crucial for any business, regardless of the size and type.

    Our inbound marketing consultant services can help you strategize and build marketing automation workflows for sales processes. This way, we can schedule your assets for distribution on all the best marketing channels, while establishing a strong presence online organically, increasing all of your most important KPIs’—and positioning your business to only get better at it over time. If you have yet to see the results you want for your business, this should be the first place to look for a solution! Learn more about how inbound marketing consultants can help you grow a successful business powered by inbound marketing here in this guide.

    What is an Inbound Marketing Consultant?

    content-strategistSo, what is an inbound marketing consultant? Good question. An inbound consultant uses content marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, PPC, and other marketing tactics to create valuable content that is uniquely tailored to help prospects with solutions to their problems at different stages of their consumer journey. 

    Using inbound marketing methodology, companies can optimize their content to target keywords that will get their content ranked high in search results, allowing them to connect with prospects right when they need it the most—right when they are searching for a solution.

    Remember that your prospects are looking for answers online, checking out competitors, and deciding whether or not they need a business's products or services. For this reason, the content you create must be written competitively with this in mind. 

    When your content aligns with a customer's interests naturally, you can turn your expertise into thought leadership and authority in your niche, build strong relationships with prospects, and encourage repeat visitors who grow to love your brand over time—all while increasing your conversion rates and sales as you go!

    Now, let's talk numbers…

    Benefits of Inbound Marketing Services

    The benefits of inbound marketing for small businesses and startups can hardly be overstated. Because this type of marketing focuses on organically reaching customers, it offers many benefits compared to traditional outbound marketing. 


    Here are some of the benefits of inbound marketing:

    Increased Brand Visibility

    Achieving brand recognition is relatively easy these days. Producing content that helps the buyer's journey can help attract people to your brand. Therefore, it is easy for customers to find you as you are present. Inbound marketing allows you to create compelling content that positions your company as valuable. So, it establishes your brand as knowledgeable.

    Higher-Quality Traffic 

    Inbound marketing encourages you to produce high-quality, valuable content that addresses your target audience's needs and problems. With targeted and meaningful content, you can attract more traffic to your website, hold them longer, and bring them back when they are looking for answers. Then, as long as your content team members know what they are doing, you can work on converting them into paying customers.

    Lower Cost

    Mass marketing is ineffective and costly. Inbound marketing offers leaner and more focused advertising. With our inbound marketing consultants, your business will invest strategically and experience a high ROI. Allowing you to attract the right prospects to your website, generate and build meaningful relationships with more qualified leads, and spend less on acquisition.

    High ROI and Visible Metrics

    Inbound marketing is a transparent campaign that allows you to see the areas you need to improve in your marketing plan. Therefore, you can make the needed adjustments and boost cost-effectiveness. This marketing allows you to see your marketing efforts and account for every penny spent; therefore, you can justify the investment. 

    Long-Term Growth and Sustainability

    SEO content is one of the most cost-effective and longest lasting forms of digital marketing. It drastically increases your visibility and has a higher conversion rate than any other type of marketing. It can be a real game changer for small businesses and startups, because it puts you right in front of all of the potential customers who search for your business' most important keywords, and each digital asset that you create plays a part in your long-term success and competitive edge.

    Turn Your Expertise into Authority and Thought Leadership

    Another benefit of inbound marketing is building authority and thought leadership with your prospects and your niche by sharing your expertise. Once you have some prospects coming into your site from organic searches, you can start sharing industry knowledge, tips, pointers, how-to articles, and whitepapers to differentiate your brand and resonate with your prospects, who will appreciate the help!

    Have More Content to Share on Social Media

    Another obvious benefit inbound marketing offers is the ability to share more valuable content on social media platforms. Once you have strategic content targeting your ideal prospects, you can use social media marketing to attract new customers from their favorite social media channels back to your site.

    Would You Like One of Our Expert Inbound Marketing Consultants to Call You for a FREE Consultation?

    Our inbound marketing consultants are experts in analysis and execution. Let us help you develop an inbound strategy that saves money, maximizes your ROI, and takes your lead generation to the next level!

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    What Our Inbound Marketing Consultants Do for Clients

    Our team of highly skilled inbound marketing specialists on your side can give you the advantage that you need to make the vision you have for your business a reality. 


    Here is what it's like working with Bristol Strategy:

    Buyer Personas

    After we determine your goals and get your project in clear sight, our team creates buyer personas to help you learn more about your ideal prospects' needs and wants. How would you describe your ideal prospect? What is their age? Where are they from? Where do they work? What are their fears? What are their goals? What are their pain points? What are their needs? Where do they interact online?

    Understanding your target audience is critical to being able to communicate with them effectively. 

    SEO Strategy

    An inbound marketing strategy would not be an effective form of lead generation without SEO. In fact, there’s no point in having a strategy, or content at all if potential prospects cannot find you. This is where your SEO strategy comes into play. With a well-thought-out SEO strategy, your business will be positioned all over search results for keywords that target your ideal prospects when searching for answers.

    Our team will perform an audit to analyze your existing content and check for technical issues on your site that could affect organic rankings and user experience. Then we will conduct keyword research and competitor research to help you identify the best keywords to rank for your company's products or services.  

    Content Marketing Strategy

    Publishing content and using different distribution channels are driven by content marketing strategy. Content mapping and strategic planning can help you determine which content types to create, which channels to distribute, and what goals you want to achieve. Once we have found the best keywords to target to reach your audience, we will define the core themes of the marketing content so that your message stays consistent, connects with prospects, and aligns with your business goals. Our content marketing services cover all aspects of digital marketing to meet your marketing needs. 

    Our marketing team will devise a sound strategy that is sure to bring you success. We create content, design websites, manage social media, send email campaigns, perform search engine marketing, and advertise on various channels.

    After we've got everything in place and publish content to attract your ideal prospects, we start tracking, measuring, and analyzing KPIs to measure the campaign's success. From there, we can decide what is working and make adjustments based on the areas that need improvement.

    Content Distribution Channels

    To generate leads, choosing the right distribution channel is a critical aspect of your strategy. Our team will research where your prospects interact online and identify the best content distribution channels to attract leads. Then it's just a matter of crafting the perfect content to drive them to take action.

    Track Metrics 

    Identifying areas of improvement and making necessary adjustments is key to the success of any marketing campaign. By tracking your overall conversion rate, your landing page conversion rate, your visitors and leads by source, inbound links, cta conversion rates, and social shares, we can discover areas showing your campaign strengths and weaknesses and adjust accordingly to each metric.

    Campaign Management

    Getting the conversions, you need for your business is vital for its growth, and we can help you get visitors to convert into new clients. Some tips that have worked for our previous customers include offering a discount, using a call to action, always following up on potential clients, etc. But we understand that every enterprise is different and has its unique needs. Therefore, we will help you pick the best solution for your business to get leads to convert into buyers. 

    Demand Generation

    It's not always the best option for your business to sit and wait for weeks and months for your content to rank high enough to start creating awareness. Increasing brand awareness and demand for your products or services is known as demand generation in marketing. Building authority around your brand, expanding your audience and generating interest result in high-quality leads for your business. 

    Let our marketing agency implement a demand generation strategy that will create synergy between your sales and marketing processes allowing you to identify gaps in your marketing strategy and make informed decisions that propel your company toward success.

    Inbound Marketing Consultants- Final Thoughts

    Thank you for reading our guide on what inbound marketing is and how inbound marketing consultants can help you. We work with businesses to tailor inbound marketing campaigns to goals and initiatives and deliver results. If you need expert assistance to start your inbound marketing campaign, don't hesitate to reach out to our sales team here, and we'll be in touch. 

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