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How Inbound Marketing Strategy Impacts your Digital Media Plan

An effective inbound marketing program should employ elements of each of these media types, Owned, Earned and Paid. The fuel that powers your inbound marketing program is content, and not just any content will do. Businesses need a content strategy that takes as input how your ideal buyer behaves when they search for ways to address their problems and look for solutions.

When you are early on in the process of building out the content for your website, a content strategy helps you pinpoint the just the right topics, titles and more importantly the required content for each stage of the buyer's journey for information. Creating content for each buyers journey stage improves the conversion ratio of visitors into leads so that you can nurture them into becoming customers.


Speak to us about how to create a content strategy that is highly tuned for your business.

Digital Media Types


Owned Media are things that the company has complete control over for publishing information to be shared on the web through computers and mobile devices.


Earned Media are where information about the company or product is shared on-line, and third parties, unrelated to the company have liked, shared or provided positive reviews of the products or services.


Paid media are methods where the company pays for visibility of content or an offer that brings people to the website landing page to convert into a lead or opportunity. There are many different approaches to paid media.


The owned media assets enable earned media and are used as offers in paid media. They are therefore, the most strategic digital asset that should receive the first and continued investment in order to have an effective Inbound Marketing program

- Dave Orecchio, Owner, Bristol Strategy, Inc.

Begin with an Inbound Marketing Strategy

Inbound marketing has proven effective for many businesses in every industry. But getting started can feel daunting, even for experienced marketers. We can help you begin your inbound marketing program the right way with an Inbound Marketing Strategy that is highly tuned to your business.

We begin every assessment by exploring your current marketing efforts. We’ll want to understand your marketing and sales goals, learn about your current marketing strategy, analyze your website’s status versus your goals, objectives, its structure and how well it delivers your positioning.

Then, we conduct detailed interviews of your marketing and sales employees, in order to understand the set of target buyer personas and the successful sales process for each. With this information and additional buyer persona research, we create a detailed content marketing strategy that includes our recommendations for communicating the right messages with your buyer personas and defining the content that will attract the ideal buyer based on the triggers and goals that cause them to want to take action and engage with your company.


Learn About the Benefits of a Content Strategy for your Business

This free download of the content strategy service data sheet outlines the expected results, and the process to execute an Inbound Marketing strategy to ensure a successful inbound marketing campaign.
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Speak to us about how to create a content strategy that is highly tuned for your business.

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