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How Sales Should Evolve in the Digital Age with Inbound Marketing

Dave Orecchio
by Dave Orecchio on Mar 10, 2016 3:21:24 PM

No one can debate that the internet has changed lives and industries. Products like the smart phone have accelerated this change since billions of us now have instant access to research to diagnose problems and find solutions for virtually any topic, regardless of how complex it is. Several years ago, I recalled studying "Aortic valve replacement" when my dad needed one. It scared me that he was going to have open heart surgery but then I learned how common the procedure was i felt better about it. I am sure you have conducted at least three searches on your smart phone today alone - if so, you are in the digital age.

How does the digital age affect a sales representative and the sales process?

how-sales-should-evolve-in-the-digital-age.jpgThis digital age has flipped the power from the company and sales agent to the customer, pure and simple. Businesses must attract customers with educational content and nurture them until they are ready to engage with your sales representative. When companies execute this approach, then the sales agent receives opportunities that are of much higher quality than those leads they had received before the digital age emerged. We like to call this approach Inbound Marketing and Sales Enablement

The following articles highlight the value of inbound marketing on the sales process in the digital age:

1) This first article helps sales to understand how Inbound Marketing contributes to creating sales success:
Read "The 5 Crucial Ways Inbound Marketing Improves the Outbound Sales Success."

2) This next article identifies why it is important to align sales and marketing objectives to improve sales efficiency: Read "The Importance of Aligning Marketing Content and the B2B Sales Process."

3) Did you know that according to a 2015 research study that on average, sales reps spent only 1/3 of their time selling? This article diagnosis the cause of the issue: Read "Why Did Salespeople Spend Only 1/3 of Their Tim Selling Last Year?"

4) And rounding out the set of resources for you is this collection of articles from a guest blogger who is an executive sales representative at Oracle. Jim describes Sales Pipeline Generation in two articles. The first article is titled "Sales Pipeline Generation Part 1: You are responsible for your pipeline, now what?" and the second one defines an answer "Sales Pipeline Generation Part 2: Sales can build a sustainable pipeline with inbound marketing"

The Bottom Line:

We all know how important sales is to business success. A strategic investment in Inbound Marketing improves the efficiency for sales and shifts their focus to engaging high-quality prospects and closing sales, which is exactly where they should be investing their time. If you are new to Inbound Marketing, then download the eBook titled "The 8 Steps to Attracting Qualified Leads for your Business." And of course, please let us know if our inbound sales enablement services can help your business improve your sales efficiency.

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A Guide to Inbound Sales - Transforming the way you sell

Bristol Strategy is a full funnel inbound marketing agency and inbound sales agency offering the full complement of services to enable our clients to surpass their business objectives by transforming the way they engage with their buyer on-line.  Reach out to us to learn more about how our experience and capabilities can help your business grow. 

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Dave Orecchio
Written by Dave Orecchio
Dave Orecchio is one of the earliest adopters of Inbound Marketing. As one of Hubspot’s first customers and CEO of a Boston-based startup, he experienced the benefits of this effective digital marketing methodology. Dave now provides Inbound (marketing & Sales) services to businesses to help them grow and realize the positive results that an integrated program can provide. Dave is a high-tech marketing and sales expert with more than 25 years of business experience.
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