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    5 Tweaks to Increase Conversion Rate of Website Visitors into Sales Leads

    Your company’s website attracts plenty of traffic, but far too few of the anonymous website visitors ever emerge as contacts and convert to viable sales leads. What can you do to increase conversion rate of visitors?

    Does this describe what’s happening with your company’s attempts to generate sales leads through its website? If so, here are five fundamental steps you can take today to increase the volume of top-of-funnel contacts and increase conversion rates.

    1. Evaluate the quality of your website traffic

    Is your website drawing the right traffic? Use your website’s performance analytics to determine how much time visitors spend on your site and which pages they access.

    If a majority of visitors are leaving your site quickly and without exploring multiple pages, your website is not attracting the right traffic or the right buyers for your company’s solutions.

    Consider investing in a search engine optimization process to improve SEO and attract more organic website visitors. Remember that SEO services optimize around content therefore it is imperative that you develop new content that aligns with your ideal buyer's needs.  

    2. Review your website’s content

    Make sure your content includes the essential information that your Buyer Persona seeks at the beginning of the purchase process. There are very good strategies to attract targeted visitors. Learn about developing a customized content strategy for your business that will attract your ideal buyer!

    It may be advantageous to narrow the focus of some content to attract the attention of buyers whose specific business problems align closely with your company’s solutions.

    Although content designed for a more targeted audience will draw less traffic to your website, a greater percentage of these website visitors will find what they are looking for and will therefore be more likely to convert. By developing a content strategy that is custom tailored to your sales process can correct this issue.

    3. Maximize the conversion potential of your website’s landing pages

    Make sure each landing page provides a compelling and accurate description of the premium content that is offered there. Based on your knowledge of your Buyer Persona’s needs, include enough details to convince buyers that the premium content addresses their specific needs and is worth the exchange of their contact information.

    If site analytics reveal that traffic reaches a particular landing page but it consistently fails to convert, try one or both of the following:

    • Take an objective look at the landing page’s design and make sure its content is in clear alignment with the buyer’s information needs.
    • Examine the path to the landing page to ensure that the right visitors arrive there. The right visitors are those whose needs are addressed by that specific premium content offer. Perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on the landing page to attract the intended audience.

    4. Does your website offer the appropriate balance of freely available content and premium content?

    New Call-to-action Your website must present content that includes sufficient details to capture the attention of interested buyers and establish your company’s credibility. At the same time, your website must also offer compelling incentives for anonymous visitors to access premium content in exchange for their business contact information.

    If website visitors spend time on your website but leave without requesting any premium content, reassess your content mix and make strategic adjustments to the amount of content that is freely available to everyone and the premium content that is released in exchange for contact data. By creating a blog on your website and posting frequently, your business satisfies the free content requirement of your prospects AND the blog increases the exposure of the premium offers as well.

    5. Align your premium content offers with the awareness stage of your prospective buyers journey for information

    First, think about how your prospective buyers initiate the process of solving their business problems. Next, design premium content offers that replicate the approach a successful sales representative would take in delivering relevant information to buyers in the early stages of the sales cycle. Finally, promote your premium content through blogs, social media posts, and targeted ads about Awareness Stage topics that are of interest to each Buyer Persona. To understand what we mean by the "Awareness Stage", please read our article that describes the buyer journey stages.

    By revealing their contact information in exchange for premium content, website visitors grant permission for your company to begin the lead nurturing process

    Armed with the knowledge of which topics they explored on your website and which premium content they downloaded, you are well-positioned to provide these top-of-funnel contacts with the additional information they need to progress through the funnel and convert to fully qualified sales leads.

    With a comprehensive Inbound Marketing program that aligns automated lead nurturing with your company’s proven sales methodology, your website becomes a powerful and effective tool for sustainable lead generation.

    To learn how Inbound Marketing strategies help B2B companies find and nurture qualified leads in today’s Internet-based economy, we encourage you to read our whitepaper “8 Steps to Attract Qualified Leads for Your Business”.

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