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    Social Media Strategy 101 -  Why You Need One Now

    A social media strategy is important for your business. By now you are likely aware that the days of most direct outbound marketing tactics (email blasts, direct mail, cold calls, etc.) are going the way of door to door sales and the dinosaur. The interconnected nature of this digital era has paved the way for inbound marketing to dominate as the most successful marketing approach. This holds true for companies across all industries, but it is especially important for a technology company to have a stellar inbound marketing campaign.

    In order to maximize the success of your technology company's inbound marketing campaign, you need a social media strategy, here is why:

    1) Tech savvy consumers use social media more than anybody else

    Develop a Social Media StrategyMost people maximize their use social media every day. Your clients are most likely using the latest tech (tablets, Smartphones, virtual glasses, ect.) to access their social media channel of choice as often as possible. If you have a strong social media strategy, you can be right there when they do this.

    2) For your employees, a social media strategy is easily adopted

    As members of the aforementioned tech community, your tech company's own employees are just as eager to implement the integration that social media grants them. This means that it will be easy for you to assemble a team dedicated to initiating your tech company's social media strategy.

    3) A social media strategy is one of the least expensive of all marketing strategies

    One of the greatest things about social media is that it gives you access to billions of potential impressions for free. With the exception of a few marketing tools, you will not have to dedicate any marketing dollars to building your social media strategy.

    4) Social media grants you the ability to shape your tech company's brand uninhibited

    One of the most difficult elements of marketing is battling the negative influencers that impact people's perception of your company's brand. Social media revokes the power that these influencers have and allow you to define how your tech company's brand is perceived without interference (if another entity starts to troll your social media outlet, you can block them).

    5) Being active and current on social media allows you to position your business as a tech industry leader

    The influence that social media has had on the tech industry in particular cannot be stressed enough. By implementing a stellar social media strategy, you show that your tech company is aware of everything that is happening in your industry as it is happening. Being one of the first entities to tweet, Instagram, post on Facebook or otherwise, posting on social media will convince users that yours is the company to go to for the latest tech news; this tech industry trust that you develop can be translated into countless sales leads.

    6) A properly used social media strategy will create significant gains for your SEO search results

    Your social network pages are not entirely unique. In essence, they are just like every other web page on the internet. The most important aspect of this similarity is that they hold the power of linkbacks, one of the most important elements of your search engine optimization (SEO) marketing strategy. Every time that you (or someone else) post a link back to your tech company's blog or main website from a social media outlet, you gain additional linkbacks that boost your internet presence, and subsequently a higher position on relevant search engine result lists.

    7) With a social media strategy, you can enhance your customer advocacy and consumer goodwill

    No matter what industry you are in, one thing is absolute: Customers will complain, and they will do so in the most vocal manner possible, everywhere that they can. Your social media outlets are no exception to this rule -- and this is a good thing. When people issue complaints or make negative statements about your company publicly, this is an opportunity. You can address these naysayers directly and rectify or clarify any situation that has made the customer unhappy.

    8) You can maximize your qualified lead nurturing efforts with a social media strategy

    When nurturing a qualified sales lead, you should be looking to connect with the potential customers on as many levels as possible. A properly implemented social media strategy allows you to humanize your interaction with every sales lead that your tech company engages.

    Summing it up: A social media strategy will result in huge gains for your tech company

    Social media is one of the powerful marketing tools in existence. Overlooking the benefits of a social media strategy will greatly inhibit your tech company's market potential, revenue and bottom line. Contact us to learn how to create a social media strategy that will work for your business and to learn about our social media marketing services.

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