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    Marketing Automation Demystified

    There are so many marketing automation tools available on the market that researching each of them can make a CMO's brain hurt just thinking about the best strategy to select and then effectively implement a solution that will empower their digital marketing plan.

    We've shared articles that span the digital marketing process from strategy through detailed implementation tactics. Since your questions could span from a simple description of marketing automation, to the benefits of them, and lastly, why do some businesses fail to achieve success, we thought we would write about marketing automation and include excerpts of other useful articles with links to the detailed posts.

    This first article is by James at Wishpond. They are one of many marketing automation companies, and if you ignore their solicitations, he does a very nice job of offing a simple definition of marketing automation. The Wikipedia definition is "Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.


    Marketing Automation Made Simple

    marketing automation made simpleMarketing automation shouldn't be scary. Perhaps the terminology sounds like it's beyond you: lead profiling, interruption-based marketing, email drip campaigns, workflows - but it's not. Seriously. The guy who wrote this article (me) has an English degree and can't seem to keep CSS from coming in one ear and flying out the other. And yet I can do it. It's easier than learning HTML. Easier than Facebook Ads. Easier than designing a visually-appealing infographic or (god knows) the black hole of Google Analytics. Let me show you. This article will break marketing automation down into simple, un-intimidating terms and then show you a few ways you can use it. First, let's define it… Marketing automation is a broad term referring to ...

    Why Do We Use Hubspot for Marketing Automation? And Why Are You Paying for It?

    Hubspot Marketing AutomationYou’re not only thinking about investing in digital marketing, but you are also considering doing it the inbound way, and that requires a budget and a long-term commitment. It's natural that you should wonder about the costs, and most importantly, why you should pay for Hubspot’s marketing automation tool when you can technically attain the same results using much cheaper tools. So, why do we use Hubspot?

    Here’s the answer. Because it’s efficient. And here’s why:

    Inbound marketing is not cheap, but what makes inbound so expensive is not the tools and software we use in the process—it’s the human resources (skill, talent, experience) and the most expensive resource there is: time. Software is only a means of ...

    Top 5 Benefits of Marketing Automation for B2B Companies

    top 5 benefits of marketing automation for b2b companiesWhen it comes to marketing, B2Bs face unique challenges. What methods do you use to grow your customer base? What about developing those critical customer relationships? What about budget, and headcount? One solution to these and other problems, is marketing automation.

    The 2016 State of Marketing Report surveyed over 400 B2B marketing leaders and identified the top challenges they faced in managing their marketing strategy. The top five: budget constraints, quality of leads, keeping pace with customers, new business development and customer acquisition are all areas where marketing automation shines. So how does it help?

    5 Reasons Your Marketing Automation Platform Isn't Producing Results

    reasons marketing automation is not workingIf you’ve decided to get on the digital marketing bandwagon then you may also be considering investing in a marketing automation platform. Any why not! Anything that can help your organization to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate those tasks is worth the time and money.

    We're big proponents of marketing automation software here at Sensible Marketing - specifically HubSpot. We use HubSpot each day to help drive leads for our customer - and our own business - through blogs, emails, lead nurturing, social media, SEO, and premium content offers. And while we like to share the successes we've had using automated marketing we also make sure the people we talk to unde...


    Common Marketing Automation Mistakes to AvoidHow frustrating can it be when you buy a brand new powerful and stylish car, you hit the road to test the fury that lies under the hood and, after a few blocks, the engines dies? Well, that could be the same feeling when your company invests in a brand new marketing automation platform to boost sales and, after some weeks, nothing happens.

    The global market has already proved that marketing automation is a powerful tool to boost sales and strengthen business performance, but isn’t a magic solution that solves any problem, in any circumstances. For proper implementation and positive results, a company must meet several conditions to assure correct functioning and, of course, to achieve the...

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