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    These 6 Hacks Will Increase Brand Awareness

    Increase Brand Awareness with Inbound Marketing and these Six Hacks. Promoting a company through inbound marketing is an excellent choice to bring consumers in close contact with your brand, after all, brand marketing has changed to become more engaging and human. Inbound Marketing is a great way to increase engagement with your brand. Please see our earlier post titled "Inbound Marketing Brings Your Brand Alive in the Human Era" to understand how large firms are marketing themselves in a more "human" way and how Inbound Marketing enables the same for small and medium sized businesses.

    increase-Brand-Awareness-inbound-marketing.gif Brand is the intersection of perception of your product, the awareness of it in the market and value that customers perceive it will provide to them.

    Inbound Marketing relies on providing engaging content through the use of blogs, podcasts, eBooks, social media and more as tools to create reasons for prospects to engage with your business. These techniques can be put to great use to increase brand awareness. Marketers use blogs to earn the trust of the prospect by posting informative content. Inbound marketing works because it helps your business earn the attention and build trust with the prospect, who is your target buyer persona.

    There are six unique ways, also referred to as "hacks", that will increase the engagement of your prospects with your website content. As a result of them learning from the content you provide, their awareness of your brand will increase, as will their understanding of your product, services and by association, your company.

    Each of these hacks can be used in conjunction with content and call-to-action offers to raise the awareness of your product or service offerings.

    The six hacks are:

    1. Stop! There is more to come!
    2. The offer is too good to pass up!
    3. Don’t pass the free stuff!
    4. It is easy!
    5. Publish the content in serialized form.
    6. Everything should be remixed.

    Here is the detail behind each of these six hacks:

    The first hack is named "Stop! There is more to come!" This hack is a ploy used to keep the prospect reading to the bottom of the website. It entices them to read more about the product while waiting for the promise of what is to come in the end. It is a great tactic to use to increase engagement with the product or service. The marketer needs to take full advantage of the space that is allowed from the top of the page to the bottom and fill it full of information and educational material.

    The second hack is called "The offer too good to pass up!" This method should be used to entice the prospect. Offer such a great deal that the prospect is not able to pass it up. Some ways to offer these deals may be to offer a attractive percentage off of the original price. The discounted price should be such a great deal that the prospect feels they cannot pass it up. Another idea would be to use this technique for a service offering. The prospect should feel that the service would greatly improve their way of life, business productivity or reduce operating costs.

    The third hack is "Don't pass the free stuff!" The way to effectively use this technique is to place offers on your blog and website that the prospect will perceive as very appealing. The offer may show the prospect why they need the product. The approach may also provide something free to the prospect that will eventually lead them to the point where they get a version of the product. This increases brand awareness by bringing the prospects into the site to learn more about the product or service.

    The fourth hack is named "It is easy!" This technique is used to appeal to the prospect by showing the product or service to be easy to use. This helps them believe that it will not take much effort to achieve the expected results. The prospect should feel at ease about purchasing a product or service from your business. The ways, a product or service, can help the client is listed as results. These results should be easily achieved by any person without much effort.

    The fifth hack is called "Publish the content in serialized form." This technique increases brand awareness by breaking down the information into installments and delivering them in a series. This makes it easier for the prospect to follow the information about the product or service. This simplifies the process for the client to absorb the information. The prospect will retain the knowledge better without confusion.

    The sixth and final hack is "Everything should be remixed." All the knowledge that the prospect has learned should be remixed in the end so that it is brought back to the front of their mind. The prospect should have a quick reminder of everything they have learned so they are enticed to make a purchase. The prospect should feel at ease about the product at this point and see all the best qualities there are to offer.

    All of these hacks are techniques that can be applied when implementing an Inbound Marketing campaign as a complement to your call-to-action offers and blog content. Of course, it is the content, what you say and how you say it that builds your brand and trust. However, in our world of "sound bites", keeping the attention of the buyer until they have consumed your content is a critical first step toward success. The result of your Inbound Marketing content and carful application of these hacks, your product, service and business are front and center for a prospects consideration, enabling your business to increase brand awareness.

    Additional Resources:

    I think you will find our whitepaper titled "15 tips to delight your customers and increase ROI" very informative because it helps identify the most important actions to maintain the engagement of your customers after they purchase your product or service. By building greater loyalty, your customers are the best advocates of your brand.

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    Another resource I found valuable is an eBook by Hubspot titled "Growth Hacking Brand Awareness." It is well written and includes many insightful ideas about building your brand and creating engagement with your prospects.

    Enjoy reading, and please feel free to reach out to us for a free assessment of your marketing strategy to learn how to increase engagement and improve your brand. 

    Bristol Strategy is a full funnel inbound marketing agency and inbound sales agency offering the full complement of services to enable our clients to surpass their business objectives by transforming the way they engage with their buyer on-line.  Reach out to us to learn more about how our experience and capabilities can help your business grow.