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Download These 15 Tips to Delight Customers and Increase ROI

15Tips-Hero-02Every business professional knows from experience when developing strategies to increase ROI from marketing and sales activities that it costs more to win a new customer than to keep an existing one.  Less well known is the fact that new customers are not always profitable right away, depending on the costs of acquiring them.  Groundbreaking research published by Bain & Company proved that the greatest potential for profit occurs later in the customer lifecycle, when the costs of servicing long-term customers become lower and revenues grow from repeat sales.

This eBook outlines the definitive 15 tips to delight your customers and Increase ROI, enabling your company to yield more profit from each customer.  You will gain insight into tried and true techniques and combine them with innovative Inbound Marketing methods that ensure your customers become loyal promoters of your company and products.

The 15 Tips eBook Includes:

  • Lifetime Value Calculation - so you and your team can evaluate the profitability of customers
  • How to put in place "Customer Nurturing", similar to Lead Nurturing but for existing customers
  • The importance of Social Monitoring
  • Techniques to learn more about your customers
  • The importance of making your interactions with your customers personal and human
In addition to the 15 tips, we have included the 15 actions you can take right now to increase your customer ROI

Customers have high expectations when it comes to communications from their vendors.  Your goal should be to exceed customer expectations at every turn, because 91% of unhappy customers will take their business elsewhere. Don't be one of those companies with a decreasing customer base.  Follow these 15 tips to delight your customers and increase ROI.

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