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    Your Best Prospects Are Looking For You - What Do They Find?

    Would it surprise you that there are plenty of high-quality prospects looking for precisely the goods and services you offer? And would it disturb you further to know that they look right past your offerings and on to your competitors who’ve invested in their digital presence?

    The solution, if you’re a seller in the new markets, is to polish your content, revamp your delivery, and get smart with a strategy that focuses on efficient and intelligent sales enablement.

    For those of you who are curious about the image of a New England IPA in a glass as the image for this post, the beer is from Trillium Brewery. Just like sales enablement is one of my passions, really good craft beer is another one! 

    Your Buyers Are Not Looking For You Exactly

    When you compare this buyer-driven market structure to traditional markets, you can see the difference. The old ways worked best in an environment where information was scarce, and situations always favored the seller.

    Research shows that online search is an executives’ first course of action (just like everyone else) - Source: Forrester Research

    We’ve gone from seller led to buyer led. The abundance of information available on the Internet reversed the balance of power. It’s now the norm that by the time your customers speak to you, they’ve developed a clear picture of your offerings.

    Understand that buyers aren’t searching for material things you offer specifically; it’s solutions they believe will fit their needs. However, the pain that drives buyers to search for solutions leads them to the offerings that stand out from the crowd.

    74% of business buyers told Forrester they conduct more than half of their research online before making an offline purchase

    The Strategy For The Buyer’s Journey

    Buyers now use digital channels to search for purchases, as a matter of habit and the question is that when your offerings are the best fit, do they find you? Once they’re ready to reach out to you, be prepared for the channels across which they’ll use.

    sales enablement contentDigital changes the relationship between your buyers and your team, but that doesn’t mean that everything will fall neatly into place. Invest in content and channels that enable visitors to discover your brand and offerings. If you work with a certified partner to automate the process, it can be highly cost-efficient compared to traditional sales activities such as cold calling. Sales enablement that includes the content, process and tools, turns cold calls into warm calls. 

    Break Through To Overconfident Buyers

    We’ve gone from one extreme to another. Confident buyers aren’t going to respond to direct and patronizing arguments; that’s just not the way of the sales and marketing world these days.

    Buyers, who once felt unaware and willing to listen to sellers’ versions of reality, now don’t listen enough. It’s the responsibility of your organization to acknowledge the power of buyers to research your brand independently along with your competitors.

    Prepare The Welcome With Sales Enablement

    Sales Enablement gives you insights from traffic and previous sales to refine your digital and traditional marketing and sales tools. Your goal is a path for the sales process that as efficient as possible. The more precisely you can target your buyers, the easier it is for your sales team to close deals.

    Consider these 9 advantages you get from sales enablement

    • Build trust with your buyers and raise their expectations
    • Target your content and channels more precisely to the customers who best fit your offerings
    • Give your touchpoints compelling appeal
    • Plant questions in buyer minds so they come to you for the answers
    • Shift your focus to the customer
    • Automate repetitive tasks to guide buyers to your offerings
    • Integrate your marketing and sales units as a congruent team
    • Create and qualify marketing leads efficiently
    • Deploy your sales team in ways that play to their strengths

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    Triangulate On a Sales Enablement Strategy

    Technology companies face a marketing reality that’s alien to their missions. Formulating a strategy for sales enablement might seem like a distraction if you’re coming from an engineering mindset.

    That’s why partnering with professional marketers to bridge the gap will help you attract your best-qualified buyers, and help you deliver the solutions they seek. Hubspot is one of several companies that provides the tools for sales enablement, and a sales enablement partner would ensure that you get the most efficient use of modern sales enablement tools. What most industry executives need to know is that sales enablement tools alone don't enable sales. Businesses need to combine the sales enablement tools, with an inbound methodology (Inbound Sales) and the content that truly improves sales productivity and engages the modern buyer. 


    Would it surprise you that there are plenty of high-quality prospects looking for precisely the goods & services you offer but they look right past your business and to your competitors who’ve invested in content?

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    The right Sales Enablement strategy combined with the tools and content will bring in the buyers who’re seeking solutions; they’re out there looking for you. To make sure those hungry buyers step into your sales funnel work with a partner who understands the technology sales environment.

    For those who are looking for a helping hand to implement sales enablement, Bristol Strategy provides the strategy, tools and content to capture the high-quality leads that drive your business efficiently. Connect with Bristol Strategy directly to learn how we can accelerate your Sales Enablement strategy.

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