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    What your Business Digital Footprint says about your Company

    The term "digital footprint" has been around for quite awhile now, but what exactly does that mean for your business? Basically, it's the digital trail that your business leaves behind on social media and the worldwide web. Think of it as your company information, digital behavior and electronic reputation as a result of conducting businesses activities. They are traces left behind in the internets and from marketing messages and business statements.

    How can Your Digital Footprint affect your business?

    It's so important to understand your specific business footprint. Even if you are a physical business with no website presence, other companies can affect your digital reputation by getting online and talking about your business. They can even leave reviews without your company having any input at all. This is why digital footprint awareness is still vital.

    There are questions you can pose to your business such as:
    • Am I aware of my business footprint?
    • Is it positive or negative?
    • Is our business footprint consistently working for us?
    • As a whole, does your footprint contain a straightforward consistent targeted message?
    • Is the content of my digital footprint secure and protected?
    • Does your business have old broken links that are non-functioning?
    • Are you aware of what is being posted by employees and business managers

    These are all things a business needs to think about when trying to create a successful online business presence. A digital footprint that is poor, jumbled or inconsistent doesn't benefit any business and is a recipe for disaster.

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    Digital Success-Why Content is your Most Important Lifeline

    Half of all digital marketing is telling consumers what you have and why they need it. For this reason, content is the most important part of any content marketing business. Some things to consider is how your website is constructed down to the type of visual appearance it exudes. Functionality of content is as important as the content as well. These are all things as a business owner that you can control.

    The content of your social media account makes a big dent in your digital reputation. Business owners should make sure their content is not only appropriate, but their messaging is consistent and targeted for their brand.

    Anyone can publish content online, but it takes a good business to make sure that content is not only made of targeted text; but also contains a good combination of audio, video and creative imagery. Focus and consistency should be your two main attributes to a successful business.

    One Small Digital Step for Business Kind

    one small step for businessTaking ownership of your digital footprint may seem overwhelming as there is so much information to consider, but there are some small steps you can take to get you started. Many of these tips are also discussed in this article about local SEO best practices

    • Google your business to see what kind of reviews pop up
    • Set up a Google business account and be proactive in filtering your reviews. Check out what is being said about your business using such filters as "Google News”, Twitter search and Netvibes.
    • Decide what digital content channels and social networks will contain most of your business information
    • Have a discussion with your business staff about how everyone can contribute or be designated to play a critical role in your company’s digital information outlets.
    • Create a strategy with a set plan of what you want to accomplish for the voice of your content brand. Make sure the strategy you choose has room for change and adaptation to new trends and technologies.
    • If your content is already on the web, go over it with a fine tooth comb in order to consolidate and organize the information.

    Branding Pitfalls-What to Watch out for

    As a content marketer, be careful when choosing your brand voice or domain name. The business name you choose could be susceptible to brand hijacking. Brand hijacking is when an imposter poses a real threat to trademark business owners. They steal your business name in order to profit or exploit your good name.

    branding pitfalls to watch out forAnother practice to keep an eye out for is something called typosquatting. This is when URL hijackers set up a similar sting site that contains a fake URL. When marketing hijackers do this, it’s as though they take over someone else’s brand or copyright. There are so many devious marketers out there who will register common misspellings of popular and up and coming domains in order to profit from a consumer typing in the wrong a web address. This can make your company or brand product look bad.

    Dishonest Affiliates can also take advantage of stealing commission this way. Make sure that if you allow affiliate marketing for your business that your affiliates are adhering to compliance standards.

    digital footprint affects your brand


    A business digital footprint is the digital trail that your business leaves behind on social media and the worldwide web. It represents your brand. Learn what you must do to represent your brand online. #DigitalMarketing #branding

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    Leaving Behind your Business Breadcrumbs

    What was the last thing your business shared online? Can you remember? Posing this important question will get you thinking about what kind of a public perception you are creating and nurturing. This is known as the Hansel and Gretel effect. Show the proper trail of breadcrumbs and the consumer birds will be eating out of your hands in no time. Concentrate on what you want your business identity to project and then sprinkle that brand trail regularly and consistently with a positive authoritative voice.

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