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    Sales and Marketing Strategy for Disrupted Markets

    Geoffrey Moore, the author of Crossing the Chasm and other sales and marketing strategy books, recently published an article about how our digital world is disrupting the normal sales cycle. ­The disruption is happening to products, just look at how Cloud-based software-as-a-service solutions are disrupting the old-style enterprise applications, and the disruption goes on to the sales cycle as well across all industries. The clear example of the sales cycle change is the emergence of Inbound Marketing as a solution for lack of access to prospects early in the sales cycle or the declining effectiveness of cold calling as a sales technique.

    Mr. Moore describes the approach to selling into disrupted markets versus undisrupted markets this way;

    “The key distinction is simple. Selling into undisrupted industries requires to you to compete to consume budget, whereas, in a disrupted one, you must create to consume budget.”

    Companies are seeking ways to disrupt their industries in an attempt to capture a greater share of the market and not become the victim of the same by a competitor, just look at how Oracle has shifted its focus on the cloud in recent years as just an example.

    Moore further describes the impact on sales and marketing strategy by making these points:

    1. Conventional lead generation does not work.
    2. Product narratives don’t work.
    3. We need thought leadership here, people!
    4. Relationship marketing is fundamental.
    5. Let’s get vertical, vertical!
    6. Sales and marketing need to map out a new customer journey.
    7. Proof-of-Concepts are necessary but not sufficient. 
    8. Professional services organizations need to lean in.
    9. All offers are services-led—period.
    10. All sales motions are land-and-expand
    11. Customers have to step up too
    12. Change management becomes an integral part of every implementation

    The first point that Moore made about demand generation aligns his opinion with ours that the internet has changed the way customers research solutions to their problems shifting the power to the buyer from the seller. In this way, the internet has provided a vast amount of information to the buyer and therefore the buyer's journey for information has disrupted the selling process in many industries.

    The way most business is addressing this disruption is by providing customers what they want, educational information at each stage of the buyer's journey. In order to ensure the content you create for the buyer is aligned with their needs is to create an inbound marketing strategy. The thought leadership that is created by this process places your business in front of competitors who don't. This addresses the second point mentioned by Moore that product narratives do not work and businesses must shift to problem narratives and solutions to the problems. Furthermore, as your business develops the content needed to provide leadership, it describes a narrative about the best-practice solutions to the problems the buyer is seeking, embedded in the narrative is a (your companies’) differentiated positioning of the solution.

    The inbound marketing methodology is all about building a relationship with the buyer by providing valuable and educational information that supports their research while engaging with them at each stage. Moore describes this as “relationship marketing.”

    Moore, speaks about sales and marketing to map out the customer journey. It is not just a marketing funnel or a sales funnel it is a customer acquisition funnel. Inbound Marketing initiatives attract the right visitors, nurtures them until they are ready to buy, and Inbound Sales provides a nurturing engagement them until they buy.

    As a fan of Geoffrey Moore's writings, I was thrilled to read his article and encourage you to as well. While reading it, please think about your industry, market and customers and how the way they are seeking solutions have changed. If you come to the realization, as I have, that Inbound Marketing is essential for any business today, I hope you reach out to us for help, or even just a fresh perspective on how you can transform your business and disrupt your market.

    buyers speak about how sales must evolve in the modern age

    As a way to provide other references relating to sales and marketing strategy and the analysis of the sales process, you will find additional insights from the following articles.  


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    T‍his article is by David Skok, a VC at Matrix Partners and a prolific writer about startups and business models. This article by David is focused on sales funnels. Many of the points he makes in this article reinforce the tactics applied by inbound marketing experts. Throughout his writing he describes sales and marketing strategy and tactics that streamline a sales funnel and resolve bottlenecks. Of particular interest is his discussion about solving sales funnel blockage points and eliminating friction in the sales cycle. He also reinforces the need for analytics. I am of the opinion that analytics need to be granular down to the individual visitor in order for a marketer to properly diagnose a blockage in their sales and marketing funnel. Not all tools provide that granularity, that is why we recommend Hubspot as the primary marketing automation tool.  

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    This is the first post in a three part series that will cover how to identify and solve blockage points in your customer acquisition funnel. We’ll dig into two case examples on how to improve conversions and increase your sales.

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