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    How Much Do Inbound Marketing Services Cost?

    CEOs continually review the effectiveness of each phase of their business. Analysis of marketing programs is no different and in many cases they get more scrutiny. Companies have fine-tuned product development with agile methodologies, improved sales predictability by training teams on new sales approaches, however, for the past decade marketing has lacked innovation. Marketing gets a bad rap because marketing campaigns are costly; they generate impulses of lead flow but fail to produce long lasting or recurring results. What’s worse, buying behavior has changed because the power of the Internet has enabled prospects to do their own product research and shun marketing and sales advances.

    Inbound Marketing = Agile Marketing

    Inbound Marketing provides CEOs with the new and innovative approach that equips them with recurring benefit from their marketing investment 

    To learn more about the science and structure of Inbound Marketing, download this white paper. Inbound Marketing provides a means to automate and nurture prospects through the buying process plus includes analytics to measure the results of the work. Marketers have the same ability to make iterative changes to their on-line campaigns while they are in the process, as development teams would change the development approach when using agile methods. In a way, you could call this new and innovative methodology "Agile Marketing".

    Inbound Marketing Services Investment

    To fund Inbound Marketing, most companies shift their internal resources to focus on content generation while hiring an inbound marketing agency to facilitate their transition to Inbound Marketing. If you perform a quick review of the web, you will learn that Inbound Marketing agency monthly services fees vary from $3,500 per month to $6,500 or more. Frankly, it all depends on how much help is need to make the transition and then how much support is required during the deployment of the Inbound Marketing plan.

    This chart shows the investment based on sustaining, growing or accelerating your business with Inbound Marketing. It assumes that you have outsourced all of the work at a hourly rate of $75/Hour. Our firm takes a different approach because we provide our customers with a detailed plan to on-ramp marketing campaigns to Inbound Marketing for a fixed fee over a three month period. Once the on-boarding is complete, you would then plan your budget according to your business goals.

    inbound marketing cost by activity level

    Make sure your Inbound Marketing plan includes these elements:

    1. Inbound Marketing strategy development:
      1. This includes analysis of your current marketing programs and resources (content and capabilities)
      2. Recommendation on how Inbound Marketing can help your business achieve your goals
      3. Development of a detailed plan to execute your custom Inbound Marketing program.
    2. Attracting Visitors:
      1. This activity requires content creation for Blog posts that are each focused on your target search terms.
      2. Analysis and targeting of search terms
      3. Implementation of on-page and off-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
      4. Marketing of your content on social media platforms
    3. Converting visitors to leads:
      1. Premium content is a critical element for any Inbound Marketing program. They are the offers that encourage visitors to provide you with their information.
      2. Implementation of landing pages for your premium offers
    4. Close leads to customers:
      1. The creation of a lead nurturing campaign for each customer persona. Think about it as a lead generation engine for each area of your business.
      2. Engagement on social media to gain referrals for your products or services.
      3. Analysis of the results of your campaigns reporting the results and recommendations for improvement.
    5. Delight customers:
      1. Repurposing customer service content to become automatically nurtures your customers to become experts in your solution. It is like a lead nurturing engine for customer service.
      2. Monitoring of the social chatter about your business enabling you to be active real-time efficiently
      3. Providing custom content based on visitor behavior

    With the continual investment in Inbound Marketing, your business may realize results like these

    • Increased traffic within the first 7 months:
      • 92.3 percent of companies have experienced increased traffic
      • 40% saw traffic increase by at least 75%
      • 29.8% saw traffic increase by more than 100%
      • Blogging was the #1 reason, second was SEO
    • Develop inbound marketing leadsIncreased number of leads within the first 7 months:
      • 92.7% of companies have experienced increased lead generation
      • 53% saw leads increase by at least 50%
      • 38.37% saw increases by more than 100%
      • Inbound Marketing best practice (landing pages, calls-to-action) was the #1 reason for the increase, blogging was the second
    • Increased sales within the first 7 months:
      • 42.2% increased their lead-to-sale conversion rate
      • 49.7% increased sales, 63.24% saw increased sales in first 12 months
      • Inbound Marketing best practice (landing pages, calls-to-action) was the #1 reason for the increase, Lead analytics was the second

    Learn how to implement Inbound Marketing

    New Call-to-action

    If you are looking for help, please consider Bristol Strategy.  

    Bristol Strategy's Advantage Versus Other Service Providers

    1. We are technology experts that leverage technology to keep many of the service costs below that of other agencies.
    2. Secondly, we focus on technology companies because that is where our experience is, and experience streamlines our interactions.
    3. Lastly, we develop a custom Inbound Marketing strategy and weave services to ensure high quality results that compliment the resource you apply to the project.

    Bristol Strategy - inbound marketing for high-tech companies

    Bristol Strategy is a full funnel inbound marketing agency and inbound sales agency offering the full complement of services to enable our clients to surpass their business objectives by transforming the way they engage with their buyer on-line.  Reach out to us to learn more about how our experience and capabilities can help your business grow.