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This worksheet lists the questions to guide the development of content and engagement for your ideal target customer.

Buyer Persona Worksheet

Buyer Persona’s are valuable to your business:
  • Buyer personas describe the characteristics of customers with whom your product’s value proposition resonates most strongly.
    • Your value proposition must resonate with the most important problems your buyer persona wants to solve and is willing to spend money to solve.
  • Buyer personas offer insight into buyers’ goals, priorities, influences, and constraints.
    • These priorities are the ones that bubble to the top versus the many priorities most businesses have to improve and grow their business. 
  • Buyer personas help to define parameters for attracting valuable leads.
    • 80 percent of research online is informational. People are searching to solve a problem or educate themselves about something they are interested in learning. 
  • Buyer personas provide guidance for creating content that buyers consider highly relevant. 
    • Personas are the source of information for developing a content strategy that will attract and convert leads for your business to grow.

Although this worksheet will guide you to collecting your thoughts about your ideal buyer assuming you understand what makes them choose your product or solution, if you have questions about your buyer, perhaps you need a more detailed research project. In our Buyer Persona Research page, we discuss the methodology we use to research personas for clients who need more detail.  Consider hiring us to help you if you have any questions about the confidence in your answers on this worksheet. 

Follow this straightforward approach using this worksheet to develop buyer personas for your business. Reach out to us if you need help. 

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