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The 17 SEO Myths eBook Identifies Obsolete SEO Techniques and Offers SEO Tips

Are your SEO skills up to date?  

17 seo myths to leave behined when planning your SEO optimization projectOver the last decade, we’ve seen remarkable change in how searchers perform queries and interact with results; in how engines crawl, index, and rank pages; and in how marketers influence the engines to send them traffic. But, in spite of these monumental shifts, a shocking amount of misinformation about the practice of SEO persists.

It’s possible that you’ve been contacted by SEO firms or SEO practitioners in the past who weren’t fully above-board or that you’ve read articles in the blogosphere or the mainstream media (the latter is no less guilty than the former of spreading misinformation) that instilled some of these myths we will tackle as truths.

What’s presented here are wrongheaded ways of thinking that can damage your marketing efforts on the web alongside some solid advice on how to avoid it.

SEO - Search Engine OptimizationAs an additional resource to this eBook, please be sure to check out the many SEO articles on our blog. You will find the most up-to-date information about how to rank for search and the methods to effectively implement them. Topics like Topic Clusters, Local SEO Best Practices, Link Building and more. We recommend that you start with this eBook and supplement your knowledge with the articles where you need to reinforce your knowledge. 

Please keep in mind that the field of Search Engine Optimization must advance with each and every update to search engine algorithms which happens more frequently than you would expect. We see changes yearly with minor updates more frequently. If you need help improving search results, please reach out to us by requesting an SEO assessment today with our experts.

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