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We will perform initial research about your website before our initial phone call and offer helpful suggestions. If you are seeking an assessment, then you may already have ideas about how you can improve the performance of your website and business. We expect we will uncover valuable strategies for improvement. 

Once we have performed our initial assessment, we will schedule a call to discuss what we have learned and offer advice. 

During the Inbound Marketing Assessment call, we will:

  • Inbound Marketing AssesmentUnderstand your existing marketing programs and the results they are generating
  • Review your sales and marketing goals for the next 12 months
  • Identify any steps you have taken to implement Inbound Marketing
  • Understand your target customer and how your marketing efforts are supporting your sales team 
  • Review your content creation plan, if any, and recommend a path to identifying the best way to attract the right leads, opportunities to enable your business to grow. 

Once we have completed the Inbound Marketing assessment call, we will make recommendations that will improve the effectiveness of your Inbound Marketing programs.

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