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Thought Leader Series: 4 Things You're Doing Wrong with Content Marketing

Dave Orecchio
by Dave Orecchio on Apr 24, 2016 7:30:00 AM

You've been writing content for your business blog for a while, and yet you feel like your mother is the only one reading it. What gives? The content is good, you think. So why isn't it attracting thousands (heck, you'd be happy with dozens) of readers? You're far from the only business owner who has struggled to draw readers to a blog. It's quite possible you're making one or more of the following mistakes. Fortunately, they're all easy enough to remedy.

Content marketing

Why aren't those visitor stats higher?

Mistake #1: Your Posting Schedule is Erratic at Best

You write blog posts when the whim strikes you...or when you have time, which is not all that often. So one month you might write 10 posts, then nothing for a few weeks.

This inconsistent content schedule is costing you potential readers. People like to know there's a regular cadence of content being published on your website. If there's not, they'll visit once and never return. There's nothing worse than someone visiting your blog and seeing that your most recent post was weeks or months ago.

The Easy Remedy: Be consistent! It's as easy as that. If your schedule doesn't allow for you to write content several times a week, block off a few hours each month and write like crazy, then schedule your posts in advance. This tactic ensures you always have a queue of content.

Also realize that you don't have to be the only person contributing content to your blog. If you have employees, divvy up the work. Otherwise, invite guest bloggers to contribute or hire a content marketing consultant to help.

Mistake #2: Your Content Is All The Same

You figure you've mastered the 400-word blog post, so why branch out from there? The problem is, you don't really have an audience, so you have no choice but to diversify your content.

Blog posts are neat, but not everyone likes to learn by consuming the written word. Some people prefer podcasts, infographics, videos, or other forms of content. By ignoring these other options, you're limiting who you attract.

Content marketing

Whip out that content calendar!

The Easy Remedy: Create a content calendar so you can see at a glance what kinds of content and topics you're covering. Again, consistency works here. You can plan to publish a written post on Mondays, a video interview on Wednesdays, and a podcast on Fridays. Whatever works to mix it up.

Mistake #3: You Wait for Others to Share Your Content

You don't want to self-promote your content, so you wait for your readers to share it. Only problem is, you don't really have readers! You see the conundrum, right?

It's not annoying to promote your own content on social media, email, etc., as long as you do it correctly and mix up your other updates. In fact, sharing your content on your social media channels is a fantastic way to get it in front of other users who, in turn, can share it with their networks.

The Easy Remedy: Start with automated social media marketing tools so that every time you publish a post, it is shared on your social channels. In addition, handcraft shares of each post. You can ask a question, share a quote, or otherwise entice your network to click to read the post. Make sure you have the option for visitors to subscribe to your content with a Feedburner widget on your blog.

Mistake #4: You Ignore What Your Readers Want

What's your most popular blog post? Don't know? Then you're guilty of this mistake. You're writing content for a very specific audience, and if you don't know which posts resonate with them, how can you continue to create content they'll like?

The Easy Remedy: It doesn't take lots of money or complex research to glean what your audience wants. Look at Google Analytics, or Hubspot page performance metrics to see which posts are getting the most visits. On social media, see which links are being shared with others. Then write more content in the same vein.

A blog starts with great content, to be sure. But to successfully attract your targeted audience over time, you need to consistently pay attention to results, tweak them, and look for ways to improve.

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Dave Orecchio
Written by Dave Orecchio
Dave Orecchio is one of the earliest adopters of Inbound Marketing. As one of Hubspot’s first customers and CEO of a Boston-based startup, he experienced the benefits of this effective digital marketing methodology. Dave now provides Inbound (marketing & Sales) services to businesses to help them grow and realize the positive results that an integrated program can provide. Dave is a high-tech marketing and sales expert with more than 25 years of business experience.
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